The Bursar's Wife

Written by E.G. Rodford

Review written by Maureen Ellis

Maureen Ellis is a keen reader in the crime genre. She regularly posts on

The Bursar's Wife
Titan Books
RRP: £7.99
Released: March 25 2016

Yay! There's a new Private Investigator on the block, and if you don't warm to him like a comfy pair of slippers, then I'll eat that proverbial hat!

Cambridge based PI George Kocharyan scrapes a living by spying on cheating spouses and investigating benefits cheats, and he is aided by his assistant Sandra and her son Jason. However, when Sylvia Booker ( the Bursar's wife ) contacts him, and asks him to investigate her daughter Lucy, who she suspects has got herself involved with some undesirables, he has no idea the dangers that this case will bring to his door. There will be break-ins, a stabbing, and vicious assaults on both himself, and Jason.

Then there are the two deaths - the first is one of the cheating wives he was following, she is found murdered in a rather compromising situation. The second is a suicide in the Booker case. Because George was involved in both (albeit indirectly) it brings him to the attention of DCI Brampton and the surly DI Vicky Stubbing. They seem determined to make things even trickier for him. As the investigation gathers pace, George begins to see links emerging between all the events taking place, and there will be some mind blowing revelations.

This is book one, in what is to be a series. It was written in an easy going style, with nice bite-sized chapters - and then there's our main protagonist George, he's not perfect, and quite naive at times, but he's amusing and instantly likeable. He'll have you on side in no time.

All in all a good read, and look forward to book two.

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