Trust No One

Written by Paul Cleave

Review written by Craig Sisterson

Craig Sisterson is a New Zealand lawyer turned journalist who reviews and writes features about crime fiction for many magazines, newspapers, and websites around the world. He has also discussed crime writing at several book festivals and on radio, is the creator and Judging Convenor of the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, and the founder and editor of the Crime Watch blog.

Trust No One
Atria Books
RRP: £12.35
Released: June 7 2016

In this exciting psychological thriller by the Edgar-nominated author of Joe Victim; a famous crime writer struggles to differentiate between his own reality and the frightening plot lines he has created for the page.

Award-winning, international bestseller Paul Cleave's ninth novel is a superb psychological thriller that raises the bar for quality crime writing; then leaps over it. TRUST NO ONE is brilliant, even makes one’s head spin.

Jerry Grey has killed lots of people. His readers think he's just done it in his popular crime novels, but Jerry knows the truth - he's killed people in real life too. Or he thinks he has. He might have....….you see Jerry doesn't really know, because he's been stricken with early onset Alzheimer's. The cop he's confessing the crimes too isn't actually a cop, she's his daughter, visiting him in the rest home where he now lives...

Did he really just kill people on the page? It all seems so real, so when bodies start being found when Jerry goes missing from the facility, questions are asked

Paul Cleave is the Crown Prince of antipodean crime writing. A New Zealand author who rivals the best in the world for his twisted tales of characters who have a pretty askew view of the world, he's a three-time Ngaio Marsh Award winner, has won awards in France, and been shortlisted for the Edgar, Barry, and Ned Kelly Awards. He's up there with the best in the business, and is quite unique and distinctive.

And TRUST NO ONE may be his best book yet. It's a fascinating, chilling, disturbing tale.

Cleave takes us deep into the confusion, anger, and frustration that Jerry feels as he's stricken by 'the Big A'. Switching between Jerry's contemporary thoughts and his 'Madness Journal', TRUST NO ONE has readers as confused as Jerry. We feel for him, and we feel like him. There's a unique usage of second-person narrative in the book, amongst the switching perspectives, but Cleave marries it all together seamlessly. Things are intentionally repetitive at times, mimicking what is going on in Jerry's own life, and his mind. 

Jerry is the ultimate unreliable narrator. 

This is superb, top-notch, top-shelf thriller writing. In a sea of 'samey' crime stories, TRUST NO ONE should jump to the top of the TBR pile for any discerning reader who loves psychological thrillers. I'd say 'one for fans of GONE GIRL or GIRL ON THE TRAIN, but that would do this book a disservice. It's unique, distinctive, and brilliant.

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