The Nuremberg Enigma

Written by Yves Bonavero

Review written by Stephen Thornley

An avid reader, Stephen's knowledge of Crime Fiction is fairly extensive, with The Golden Age is his greatest interest.

The Nuremberg Enigma
Lark & Frogmouth Books
RRP: £11.99
Released: November 10. 2016
Paperback Original

This is a wartime thriller about a fantastic scenario created by Mr Bonavero. He uses his great skill to build a picture of a devastated country with hardly a building left standing. He describes the desperate people dazed, bewildered and almost starved to death. But, some still hope their hero can save them. Hitler himself is a ghost of a man now living on morphine and cocaine, drinking herbal teas. Not seen by his people for months he is withdrawn and quiet, but still liable to an outburst of intense rage at the disloyalty he believes has led to the collapse of his Reich.

It is April 1945 the allies are closing in on Berlin. The Furher is holed up in a deep concrete bunker he has his girlfriend Eva Braun with him together with their close friends. Martin Bormann, Hitler's Private Secretary is taking control of much of the decision making that is left to do. He has a doppelganger readied to take the Furher's place when the time comes.

Meanwhile, a young British Officer Peter Birkett is heading to Germany as part of T Force a unit set up to try to save important German infrastructure before it is destroyed or sabotaged by retreating Nazi troops. The British and American allies are closing in on Berlin from the West. Meanwhile, moving in from the East is a young Russian woman Captain Elizaveta Terisova of the NKGB with the Red Army. The Soviets are looking for nuclear material and technology as well as highly prized prisoners as they push through the last of Nazi defences.

With the war in Europe ending the search is on for the secret and advanced technologies of the German state and for its leaders. The British and Americans are determined to stop the Russians from obtaining the German nuclear technology whilst also ensuring that the Nazi Party leaders are brought to justice. There are surprises in store as the two sides struggle for control of the coming peace this struggle is told in part through the lives of the two officers.

Mr Bonavero creates a realistic and compelling view of what the final days of the Third Reich could have been like, the despair, desolation and ruin of the German people and how the power vacuum lead to Bormann seizing control. This is a fascinating story that brings the fetid underbelly of the leadership of the so called Thousand Year Reich into full view.

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