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Hodder & Stoughton
RRP: £12.99
Released: 16th February 2012

No Going Back is book seven in the Joe Hunter series and as an avid follower and reader of these novels, one of the best. Not only is the plot both sharp and hard hitting, but in this one Hunter is without the usual back up of his friends, giving it a different feel. 

An English ex-soldier living in America and working with his best friend Jared (Rink) Rington as a Private Investigator, Joe Hunter is a self styled vigilante who mainly takes on cases where justice is needed.  Justice being a big part of who Joe is.


After the last full on adventure (Dead Man’s Harvest) which took us back to the beginning before jolting us quickly forward, this time Joe sets out to look for two missing teenagers; Jay and Nicole. Employed by Jay’s father to locate the girls who have gone missing during a road trip across the Arizona desert, despite not initially concerned, as they have only been out of contact for three days, he heads out to look for them. After picking up the girls’ trail, he discovers that other young women have gone missing and follows their path - that culminates in a violent confrontation.


For me, it is always interesting to see how a series writer develops and what they do with their characters. No Going Back demonstrates that yet again Matt doesn’t allow himself to get complacent, but continually delves deeper into the psyche of Joe, taking him outside the comfort zone that many other such action characters never leave. No Going Back strips it all back by taking away the usual back up so you see more of an introspective and thoughtful hero, who is just a man doing what he believes in and yet needing to remember why he does it and the consequences.  


Fast-paced, action-filled and completely addictive, Matt shows his continuing maturity as a writer with an exhilarating ride that still maintains humour and wit. 

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