Written by Mandasue Heller

Review written by Kirstie Long

A fanatical book reader, Kirstie has works hard to fit the ‘evil day job’ of Financial regulation around her passion of writing, promoting writers of all genres and encouraging more people to read books. Kirstie is the News and Events Co-ordinator for Shots.

Hodder & Stoughton
RRP: £6.99
Released: 19th July 2012

Billed as being ‘very Martina Cole’, Mandasue Heller, brings to life an existence on the wrong side of the law and family in the North of England.


Lost Angel is the latest book by Heller and is based around Johnny Conroy and how his life changes when he meets Ruth Hynes. It starts because he just wants to show his mates that he can pull hard-man Frankie Hynes' daughter. Unfortunately out manoeuvred by Ruth, before he knows it he is married and part of the Hynes family and the Hynes family business of stealing cars. A shock to the layabout lad unused to working but there is no way he is ever going to get out of the marriage or the business alive.

The only good thing that comes from the marriage is his daughter Angel, who grows up and meets Johnny's new employee Ryan. Ryan loves Angel and she loves him – but there are family secrets that impact the relationship.

Not strictly crime fiction in my opinion as there isn’t a crime or murder that’s central to the story, Lost Angel is all about the lives of Johnny, Ruth and Angel. However, for those who are fans of Martina Cole, this is a book for you, although it is the similarity of the subject matter only in that respect. Lost Angel stands as a novel in its own right, by telling a good story set across a number of years. The characters are believable, as is the plot and its told at a pace that lets the story unfold without being too quick or too slow.

I enjoyed it. Its not deep or overly complicated, but a well written book that I found hard to put down once started.

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